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By the Name of Allah we begin and with His Power we announce the inauguration of your new UK London publishing house: Signatora. We are dedicated to releasing modern and classical works that promote the spirit of mainstream Sunni Islam with focus on the teachings of the greatest Ulema of past and present times.

Signatora has access to hundreds of unpublished manuscripts as well as early prints that are inaccessible to today’s readers .

Our first project is the re-printing of Sahih Bukhari most authentic edition which was ordered by Sultan Abdul Hamid II and printed in Cairo almost 130 years ago in 1311 H. It

was edited by a committee of 16 scholars lead by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar of that time, Shaykh Hassouna Nawawi. It was also compared to the most famous manuscript copy of Sahih Bukhari known as al-Yuniniyyah. Since then, this edition became the most reliable copy. Several edition were published afterwords all relying on it but never matching its beauty or precision.

In reproducing this edition by facsimile, we are making accessible the most authentic copy of Sahih al-Bukhari, a copy that is rare and antique, now will be available in your hand with its luxury, beauty and augustness. Thanks to the Ottomans for their great service to Islam and specially to Sultan Abdul Hamid II who took on himself the duty of producing the most

authentic printed copy of Sahih Bukhari of which you can purchase an exact replica.

9 volumes printed on special Japanese paper with the most beautiful bindings using gold colours inside to indicate the start of every hadith and every chapter, and applying fine

touches of gold to the edges. The binding, like the original carries on its front the Royal signature of Sultan Abdul Hamid II (known as Tughara) and on its back the coat of arms of the Sultan.

One of the greatest scholars of our time wrote an extensive introduction in which he sheds

lights on the life of Imam Bukhari and the importance of his book. He writes about the tradition of oral narration of hadith, the special attention that the ulema gave over centuries to the Sahih, and presents his isnad through the most popular chains of transmission in the Muslim World.

At the end of the book, Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi wrote an epistle of prayers known as dua al-Khatm, the dua that is to be recited at the end of the reciation of Sahih al- Bukhari. He wrote this almost twenty years when he taught Sahih Bukhari in London.

Shaykh Al-Yaqoubi is an important authority on the Prophetic Tradition. He taught Sahih Bukhari 5 times, Sahih Muslim twice, the Muwatta six times, and many other books of hadith like the Sunan, the Shama’il and Riyad al-Saliheen.

We are open as a publishing house are open to publish original works of distinguished authors from around the World. Our key author His Eminince shaykh Muhammad al- Yaqoubi has written over 100 unique books and one of our goals is to publish his works and allow the public to benefit from his knowledge, wisdom and insight into the various

branches of Islamic disciplines. Fifteen titles are of his works will be launched soon inshallah.

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