The Raining Clouds


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The Raining Clouds
Author: Shaykh Mohammad al-Yaqoubi
Language: Arabic
Other comment: Limited Edition 300 available only
CD included, composed and recorded
by sidi Ali Rebahi and some of the top
Moroccan Munshids of today.

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Description of The Raining clouds

“Fast becoming one of the most proliferous poets of writing in praise of the Prophet of Islam, Peace be upon him in recent times”. Shaykh al-Yaqoubi, returns with a collaborative masterpiece with one of the top Munshids of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Beautiful composed from a variety of Shaykh Yaqoubi’s poems, carefully woven together to create a tapestry of heart moving and soul shaking Qasaid. The warm notes of the oud, the subtle dynamic inflections of the hay are all combined in this piece with the most powerful of voices of Morocco. This book/cd combination go together to lead the listeners heart to new levels of love for their Beloved.

Not publicly, since the late great Shaykh Yusuf Nabahani rahimahu Allah has any poet come close to the number of lines or collections on Poems in praise of Rasoolulah sallahu alayhi wa salaam that Shaykh Yaqoubi has. The love Shaykh Yaqoubi has for the Prophet of Islam is felt with every

rhyme sung andevery dotted note.

Classically trained by his own father, Sayyid Shaykh Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi rahimahuAllah, Shaykh Mohammad gives the readers and the listeners a chance to listen to pearls of the arabic language in tune with the sweetest melodies.

A limited edition of only 300 copies with inset CD, the book in itself is a unique and beautiful copy needed for any booklovers bookshelf. A beautiful green bound book, a paper tinted with a light shimmering glow, this book is as precious as the words contained within.

This edition will not be repeated in this format.

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