Facsimile Sahih al Bukhari : Limited Edition

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Signatora’s first release the prestigious facsimile edition of Sahih al-Bukhari Sultani Edition, a must have for every serious collector and lover of books.


Signatora’s first release the prestigious facsimile edition of Sahih al-Bukhari Sultani Edition, a must have for every serious collector and lover of books.

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5 reviews for Facsimile Sahih al Bukhari : Limited Edition

  1. Sadia Rana

    This is the best set I have ever been blessed to have! I love reading books and lately in a modern world books are not so cared for, in my opinion. The golden oldies are lost and we are reading garbage. But when I saw this set I had to have it! Not only is it bringing back one of the most reputable books from the Golden ages but making it so accessible. I don’t have to go to an ancient land of foriegn country to have it. I’m not an Arabic reader myself but it didn’t stop me. Since having these books read I can honestly say it has increased my love for my Beloved Prophet. Having them at home is a great reminder of how authentic knowledge has been preserved and recorded for generations. I’m a part of that and I hope to benefit my future generations spread this wealth of knowledge. All from the comfort of my home! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got next!

  2. Sara Essaddiki

    Truly no words can describe this great work, the design, the colour, the style and the work itself of Imam Al Bukhari.
    No hay palabras para describir este gran trabajo, desde el diseño, los colores, su estilo y en la misma obra del imam Al Bukhari, tuvimos la suerte de leer todos los tomos en la recitación con Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi fue una experiencia inolvidable, Alhamduliallah Allah incremento en nuestros corazones más amor hacia su Profeta Muhammad ﷺ, apego y conocerle más, conocer sus sunnahs e incluso saber más detalles de sus compañeros y esposas.

  3. Abdul Razaq

    I got my hands on this priceless set at the Manchester Bukhari event! One if the best study sessions with Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi ever! Alhamdulillah the books were so stunning and as the Shaykh was reading through them – I couldn’t take eyes of the calligraphy/print style. I would never in a million years get through these books alone but the Shaykh read them and it made it more sweet! I pray to have them read again and practice myself. It’s a wealth of knowledge in one precious set! Alhamdulillah!

  4. Khalida Begum Khan

    I got mine in Turkey! It was also the Bukhari event! Oh what a dream come true – that was by far one of the best sessions and experiences of my life! These books were such a dream and we all had them. The fact that there were soo many students that came from all over the world – but we all had the same books to read/learn from. That’s where you learn the real gift of books and money doesn’t even come into the equation! These books really are priceless and Signatora did so well in getting them over to Turkey – no one had any issues getting a set!

  5. Abdullah Patel

    I am still learning Arabic and understand very little and still went ahead and purchased the bukhari sharife and I must say it is a beautiful and amazing book alhumdulilah even tho I may never be able to fully understand the Arabic it’s a great honour and blessing to have this just to have the written words of our blessed prophet Mohamed is enough and inshallah threw our love for him even if it very little inshallah it will grow I wish to say also the books are of amazing quality and very well made of the highest standard I strongly recommend you to buy a set to read or even just to own a real treasure and may Allah bless and guide our hearts to become better people threw the words and examples of our most loved and blessed prophet Mohamed may Allah grant and honour us with his companionship ameen

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