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A Distinct Approach to Publishing

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Imagine a world where every believer embraces the first words revealed to our Prophet, “Read.” At Signatora, we imagine such a world and believe we know how to restore the Ummah’s love and value for the written word.

As media platforms take hold, we find ourselves bereft of the pleasure, creativity, and joy of books.

As Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi points out, our Ummah will only reach future success when it embraces the very thing that gave it glory in the past: knowledge:

Islam wanted more than a group of true believers; it wanted to nurture a moral civilisation; to advance science; to rescue communities from darkness with the torch of learning; and to make justice reign supreme. Our faith came to shift the annals of history and birth a world where a balanced connection between the heavenly and earthly realms, the spirit and body, drives material success rooted in devotion to the immaterial Divine.

TRENDINGOur mission

We are dedicated to releasing modern and classical Islamic books that promote the spirit of mainstream Sunni Islam.


Signatora has access to hundreds of unpublished manuscripts as well as early prints that are inaccessible to today’s readers.

BOOKSOur Values

We are guided by our desire to be authentic, Safe source of knowledge, Mindful of our productions and appreciative to the community we serve.

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